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About CharAge

CharAge Group, Inc. (CGI) is a consulting, corporate services and product innovation company that helps clients make "Good People". We believe "Good People" are profitable and, through their character and actions contribute to an organization's bottom-line.

With a focus on "character performance", the CharAge Group delivers business solutions that help our clients become better businesses, organizations, and people. Our approach is through the delivery of "character-based" human capital initiatives that result in overall improved business performance.

Company Background
Learn more about the CharAge Group's business focus, corporate vision, mission, and strategy for helping clients deliver "character" solutions.

Core Values
Learn more about our core values and how they shape the decisions we make, the clients we serve, the people we hire, and the solutions we deliver.

Client Commitment
Learn more about our commitment to our clients and our focus on delivering high value through our "character-based" solutions .

How may we help you?

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To discuss how we can help your organization, call us at 1 (404) 348-0292 or send us an email .

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Competency gives you confidence to climb great heights; Coaching motivates you to reach for the stars; but Character takes you over the top."

CharAge Group Overview

Provides an overview of our "character-based" business and describes how we help clients make "Good People".

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