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About CharAge - Company Background

CharAge Group, Inc. (CGI) is a consulting, corporate services and product innovation company that helps clients make "Good People". We believe "Good People" are profitable and, through their character and actions contribute to an organization's bottom-line.

Company Background 

CharAge Group, Inc. (CGI) is a company that delivers "character-based" solutions to the marketplace. Our clients are comprised of businesses, organizations, and individuals who seek high performance on a consistent basis.

Our approach for helping our clients become better organizations is to deliver character-based human capital initiatives that improve overall business performance.

The CharAge Group's primary offering is a suite of products and services that are focused on character-based solutions. Our proprietary asset, the Integrated Character Framework, is a tool designed to improve the "character performance" of our clients at various levels.

The vision of the CharAge Group is "to become the 'character source' for the global community while focusing on character development in every major sector of our society."

The CharAge Group's mission is "to make 'Good People' by delivering character-based solutions to our clients."

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Character Performance starts with high moral conduct that is actionable and leads to high performance on a consistent basis.
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