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T he CharAge Group develops innovative products and tools that are integrated with our business methodology and used to deliver "character-based" solutions to clients. Our products are available through corporate, retail, small business, home, and internet/web-based channels.

Integrated Character Framework (ICF) - CharAge Group's primary asset is the Integrated Character Framework (ICF) which is a tool designed to improve the "character performance" of our clients at various levels throughout the organization.

Character Performance Enhancement Tool (C-PET) - A CharAge Group interactive tool that allows users to measure, track and improve their character performance. The objective of the tool is to enhance character performance through the use of "real-life" personal and professional scenarios that individuals face on a daily basis.
Character Performance Assessment (CPA) - A major CharAge Group work product that provides a detailed assessment of an organizations current, present, and predicted character profile and performance. The assessment also captures the relative character impact on an organization's business performance.
Character Value Diagnostic (CVD) - A diagnostic tool that incorporates the CharAge Group's Integrated Character Framework methodology to help organizations quickly assess their character performance and the associated business value.
Character Balanced Scorecard (CBS) - A CharAge Group tool that provides a robust framework to assess the character strength of an organization or an individual. The character balanced scorecard uses the Integrated Character Framework and methodology as the basis for the assessment.
Character Performance Portal (CPP) - A CharAge Group product that provide clients with access to key information including tools, methodologies, and solutions aimed at improving overall character performance. Like the other CharAge Group tools, the character performance portal is integrated with the Integrated Character Framework.

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Most organizations stop at Coaching, and never reach Character Performance to achieve consistent high performance from its people.
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